How to avoid ‘Wardrobe Rage’

3.6 billion items in the nations wardrobes remain unworn, contributing to 49 percent of women suffering, ‘Wardrobe Rage‘ and adult tantrums.  20 percent of women feel like they have ‘nothing to wear!’.

Women spend on average 17 minutes choosing their daily style (it should take 2 minutes), a total of four days in a year, with most women feeling like their wardrobe is a mess and 48 percent feeling like they need a declutter.  The average closet contains 152 items and we only wear 44 percent of these items regularly.*

The most common problem I come across when carrying out Wardrobe Edits  for my clients, is they hold onto designer items, due to the expensive price tag, they plan to loose weight,  or their job circumstances may change.  It is important that your wardrobe represents your present lifestyle.  A declutter instantly makes way for newer items, and it is also clears the mind.  The stats above, prove what time can be saved!


1. Ideally you need to completely empty out your Wardrobe, and place all items on a clothes rail or on the bed.

2. Clear your wardrobe into 3 piles:

  • Special occasions
  • Weekends/leisure
  • Work

3. Eliminating all items that:

  • Do not fit
  • You have not worn for 1 year
  • Not fit for purpose
  • These are the items you really need to consider giving to CharityeBay  Or, if you really are going to loose weight, pack them away. 
  • Don’t be emotional about your clothes, you have photographs for this.

4. Always keep items in your wardrobe for the present season only.  The heavy knit Jumper dress can be stored away in the summer.

5. Ideally, you could limit your wardrobe to 37 items, pieces with multi-use and create a capsule wardrobe. 



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