25º and the sun is shining but, there is a problem, I HATE my arms!

Toned arms are now something I envy and I wish I could put this down to doing more cocktails than dumbbells but, after getting the kids to bed, I would rather squeeze in a ‘Game of Thrones’ and have an early night than go to the gym.  So, if like me you need a little help, here are 4 tailoring tricks to fool the eye into seeing a thinner, more toned arm:

Just remember, avoid cap sleeves! This is where your arm is at its widest.

4 Splurges V’s Steals available now online or on the high street

  • A V-Neck Tank Top, Yes! You can go sleeveless.  This top draws the eye to your collarbone and neckline, not your arms.
Balenziaga £345
ASOS £20
  • Try a Boxy Short sleeve shirt
The proportions of this sleeve creates the appearance of a thinner arm.
Chloe £175
Dorothy Perkins £25
  • A 3/4 Length Sleeve Shirt.  If the top ends at the forearm, this is usually the thinnest part of your arm BUT don’t go for sleeves that are too tight.
Max Mara £135
  • A sleeveless button down Shirt.  The eye is drawn to your shoulders, where there is more of a toned curve. Ideally choose a shirt where the collar lies closely to your neckline.

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